Painting Tips When Selling Your Home

Getting ready to sell your home? One of the easiest home improvements to get buyers’ attention is a fresh coat of paint. It’s a cost-effective fix that will make your home look updated, which can translate to increased value.

Here are a few expert tips from Dunn-Edwards Paints on choosing interior colors that appeal to buyers:
Image 1Don’t Go All White or Beige.

It’s true that you want to make your home appealing to the widest possible audience when you are selling, but going strictly white might make your house end up looking more utilitarian than stylish. Stick to earth tones and nature-based colors like warm browns and milky tans (think latte). Light greens and blues are classy, and warm grays are popular now. An occasional accent wall in a darker or complementary shade can also add a designer look.

Take the Flooring Into Consideration.

Lay color chips on the floor to see how they pair-warm tones tend to look better with most hardwood, whereas tile, terrazzo or carpet may warrant other colors.

Focus on Key Rooms.

Don’t want to spend the next few weeks painting your entire home? Don’t worry – you don’t have to. Focus your painting efforts on the rooms that will have the most impact – the kitchen and baths. In the kitchen, soft buttery yellows with slight brown undertones are popular, and olive and sage greens can make it feel garden-y and fresh. Bathrooms (and the laundry room) can tolerate brighter colors because they’re smaller.