Ways to Save on School Supplies

With it being the middle of summer, soon enough some of you parents with young ones will have to go out for those miserable school supply shopping runs. As the time draws near, advertisements, deals, and sales will be popping up. But what are some tips that’ll help aid in an efficient supply run, while also getting exactly what you need? Along with personal experiences, and the advice of others, we have gathered a brief list of strategies and tricks that’ll help you get ahead of the school game:

  • Shop at home: Instead of taking your supply list straight to a retail outlet, see how much you can gather from your craft drawers, closet shelves, and file cabinets.
  • Wait out the rush: If you can wait until after Labor Day, most stores are eager to unload their leftover inventory at a decent discount. This is especially true for some of those big-ticket items like backpacks or computer bags.
  • Teamwork works in bulk: The downside to shopping in bulk is that, well, you get supplies in bulk. For most families, 10 reams of loose-leaf paper is overkill . . . unless you team up with friends. If you can find a few families to join in, bulk shopping for school supplies can make sense – and save dollars.
  • Use coupons: Start looking for coupons in your Sunday paper, store magazines, and online at coupon websites.
  • Cash instead of the card: Use cash instead of credit cards to pay for your back-to-school supplies. Paying for supplies with cash allows you to keep an eye on your funds and to stay within your budget.