Leisure Reading

Do you remember the phrase ‘reading is fundamental’ which you likely heard when you were a kid? As a child, you were likely required to read as part of your academic studies and to complete your homework. For most adults, the requirement for reading has likely diminished – particularly with regards to reading as a leisure activity. Sure, you may need to read/proof documents or read email correspondence at work, scan through information in your social media platforms or even read the directions on how to assemble a new shelf. However, when was the last time you picked up a book and read it as a source of enjoyment? If you can’t remember the last time or if the last time was before the beginning of this year, it may be time for you to pick-up a book (or ebook) and get some spring/summer reading in this year. Below are some reasons that leisure reading for adults is important:

  • Mental Stimulation – reading is way to keep your mind active and working. Most people spend a significant amount of time looking at TV which usually does most of the thinking for you. Reading requires you to be an active participant and stimulates the brain.
  • Imagination Expansion – while visual forms of entertainment paints the whole picture for us, reading allows you to paint the picture yourself. Often times, as adults, we stop using our imagination because we are consumed with what is. Reading is a way to escape and start using imagination again.
  • Stress Relief – could you use a getaway or a little mini vacation? Well, if your answer is “yes” but you don’t have the time, energy, money or other resources to make this a reality, then a book might be a good alternative. Reading, as most of us know, can be a source of escape and depending on what you decide to read, it can take you to a tranquil and relaxing place.
  • Concentration / Focus – let’s face it, we currently live in an instant gratification type of society where things happen right away. With technology, most of the images and information we see are quick which can lead to reduced concentration and focus. Reading can act as a tool to help you rebuild your focus, memory and concentration.

These are just some of the benefits to reading but there are plenty more. While you may be running down the list of why you don’t have time to read, Bill Gates reportedly reads 50 books per year and he is likely a very busy man – in other words, there is no excuse. Start your spring/summer reading today!