E-Hail or Peer-to-Peer Taxi Companies

Upon looking at the title of this section, you may be thinking “what do e-hail or peer-to-peer taxi companies have to do with finances?” Well, it can actually have a lot to do with finances, depending on the way you approach it. During the past couple of years, the idea of e-hail companies has become really popular and if you haven”t looked into it or tried it, below are 2 ways that ridesharing can be financially beneficial. Even if you are not particularly interested it in this idea, it might be worth a quick glance.

1. As a customer –

a. Reduce vehicle maintenance – whether traveling a short or long distance, peer-to-peer taxi companies can be beneficial to a customer because it allows you to use someone else as your driver instead of using your vehicle. Reducing the amount of time you use your vehicle can lead to a reduction in mechanical fees and maintenance. As you likely know, vehicle maintenance can be quite expensive so reducing these fees can add up in the long run.

b. Reduce fees associated with driving – when driving, you have to consider parking or valet fees when you arrive at your destination. If you use one of these services, you can avoid these fees all together. Considering the part of the country in which you live, this can make a significant difference in your total cost for your trip.

c. No tipping – another advantage of these options, especially when compared to traditional taxi services, is that you don’t have tip for peer-to-peer taxi rides. Depending on how good of a tipper you are, this can add up to a significant amount of money

2. Using e-hail apps as a driver –

a. E-hail apps have proven to be a way for people to subsidize their income by becoming a driver in their spare time. These apps allow for flexibility as the driver has the ability to determine their own working hours and are not restricted to a 9-5. This can be very useful to someone looking to earn some extra cash on the side or someone who unexpectedly lost their job but need to find a quick way to make ends meet.

Whatever your opinion on these new taxi options, there are clear financial benefits that can be obtained when using these services. Though the amounts may seem small, initially, they can add up over the course of time.

We are not affiliated with any mentioned companies. This information is provided for entertainment purposes.