Consider Upkeep Before Falling for Black Kitchens

We’ve noticed that basic black is the kitchen color du jour.

Black is elegant, dramatic, stunning, and sophisticated, according to a blog post by KD Kitchen Distributors, which includes photos of kitchens appointed with black cabinets, counters, and appliances.

Nobody likes a trend better than us HouseLogic editors. But we feel it is our duty to warn you of the downside of this dark fashion.

Black is hard to keep clean — fingerprints on black ranges and granite countertops are a constant nuisance — and nicks and scratches in black cabinets stand out. Also, black is very specific and could make your home harder to sell.

So our advice is: Enjoy KD’s fabulous photos, but think twice before hopping on the black bandwagon.

Do you have black appliances? How do you keep them clean?

By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon