New Homes Are Getting Bigger and Pricier

Unit size on new residential construction is on the rise as more home buyers desire extra space. But it’s also coming with a much steeper price tag.

The average size of a new home rose to about 2,720 square feet in 2015, up from 2,660 square feet in 2014, the National Association of Home Builders reported. Nearly half of the homes constructed last year had four or more bedrooms. A quarter of homes also had garages that would hold three or more vehicles.

Some of the increase is due to builders catering more to the luxury market and moving away from building homes for first-time buyers. First-time home buyers tend to bring the average size of new homes down since they tend to live in smaller homes than move-up buyers.

The average new-home size was 2,360 square feet during the 2008 financial crisis. It then started climbing sharply, leveling out in 2014, and now back on the rise again in 2015.