Deck The Halls With DIY Projects!

It’s the holiday – make your home festive and cheery by incorporating some Do It Yourself Projects! DIY projects are awesome because they give you the opportunity to personalize things so that they are just the way you’d prefer. Another great feature of DIY projects is that they can be collaborative efforts. Collaboration can make for a great time with friends and family. So, grab your glue gun, some paint, eggnog, and a few of your favorite people and let the DIY projects begin! Below are a few simple suggestions to get you started:

  • Holiday Potpourri – Ok, this first suggestion might not be exactly a ‘DIY’ project but it is something that you can do yourself and can have a huge impact on making your home ‘feel’ like the holidays! All you need is some nutmeg, an orange, cinnamon sticks, cloves and vanilla bean.These ingredients will help with the smell aspect. Then you can also add some cranberries and some fresh rosemary to add to the visual component. Bring these ingredients to a boil (with at least 2 cups of water) and then reduce the heat to let it simmer for as long as you want (make sure to add more water as needed) – your home will soon be a holiday oasis with wonderful smells!
  • Glitter and/or painted Pinecones – This project is particularly simple and does not require a lot of materials. All you need are some pinecones, glue, glitter and/or paint. For painted pinecones, you can put some white paint (or whatever color your heart desires) on a plate and dip the pinecones so that only the tips are coated and then let them dry. For glitter pinecones, you can put glue on the tips or on all of the pinecone, if you like, and then sprinkle glitter on the pinecones so that they sparkle – then let them dry. You can hang these decorated pinecones on your tree or even place them in a bowl or decorative container on your table or countertops.
  • Sparkly Branches – Ok, if you are into sparkle, here is another idea that can add some glitter to your holiday decor – glitter branches. Along the same premise as the glitter pinecones, you can get some branches and put glue on them and then sprinkle them with glitter to add some pizzazz. In addition, you can hang ornaments from these branches – so that they have decorations similar to that of a Christmas Tree.
  • Snowflakes – Yes, everyone’s favorite winter DIY project – paper snowflakes – you cannot forget about these! Paper snowflakes are super simple to make and do not require much materials at all. All you need to do is get some white paper (or, let you imagination run wild and use any color paper you like), some scissors and you are set. Take the white piece of paper and fold it into pieces. After folding the paper, cut out pieces of the paper – whichever pieces you like but make sure to keep the paper in 1 piece. After you are done cutting the paper, unfold it and you will see your amazing and unique snowflake! If you like, you can also add some glitter to this as well!