Ok, this might be a cheesy and cliché practice but since it is November, take some time to reflect on 2015 and all of the things you can be thankful for. As we go through the year, time can often pass so quickly that we forget to stop, reflect and be thankful for life and all of its opportunities.

Even if things are not currently perfect, there are likely still many things that you can give thanks for! Focusing on the positive can bring contentment and reduce stress because ‘what you think about, you bring about’ – so think about the positive and more positivity will be created in your life.

Take some time for self-reflection before the parties, food and holiday entertaining begins. In addition, take some time to jot down a list of things you are thankful for in 2015. These things can be tangible or intangible – the most important thing is to take time for gratitude. In the tradition of Thanksgiving practice thankfulness and gratitude.