Fall Into A Routine

It’s hard to believe that summer is already just about over! The last day of summer isSeptember 23rdand this means that fall is quickly approaching.

Since fall is almost here, this means that school is back in session and this is a good time to revamp those routines that may have taken a backseat to fun over the summer. Whether you are a parent, college student, professor, none of the above or all of the above, allow September to be a month that refocuses your goals and the daily activities you conduct to achieve those goals.

A routine is something that you do on a regular basis – usually with little attention to the fact that a routine is taking place. Routines occur often so they become habitual or second nature. Routines can seem dull and boring at times but they do not have to be. These are great ways to keep you focused on tasks and allows the ability to create a sense of stability in your life, monitor strengths, weaknesses and progress over time. When we do not have routines, our efforts can be scattered and have lack of direction. Routines also help with time-management.

If you are a parent, routines can be especially important during this time of year because your kids are going back to school. They may need structure to get them accustomed to the academic environment again. Below are some suggestions on how you can develop and utilize routines in your life:

  • Establish realistic routines. Start small and establish more routines over time.
  • Use a whiteboard to make a daily (or it can be weekly/monthly) to-do list of items that are important and need to be accomplished. You can even use this whiteboard/chalk board to write down chores or extracurricular activities.
  • Try to have dinner together, as a family, and around the same time every day. Yes, life can be hectic at times, but dinner is a great time to unwind and recap the events that transpired during the day. This also allows everyone in the family to communicate with each other (face-to-face) on a daily basis.
  • Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day (or at least during the weekday). Some might think that this is for children only but adults can benefit from a consistent sleep pattern which can allow you to enjoy a deeper sleep.