Personal Space

Personal Interest

Our surroundings can have a significant influence on our mood and actions. Our home is a place where most of us spend a significant amount of time. With that being said, is your home a place of solitude or a place of chaos? Ok, it is obvious that the home cannot always be a calm and soothing place. However, you have the ability to create personal space in your home that reflects the type of energy you want to feel.

It is important to remember that your personal space can literally be anywhere you’d like it to be – consider it your place of refuge, the place you go to collect your thoughts. For instance, your personal space does not have to be inside the home, it can be outside in the backyard. Maybe your personal space consists of a hammock where you can relax and take a nap. Or, maybe, your personal space is outside in the garden. Perhaps, in this garden there is a table, novel and a nice bottle of wine.

If you create your personal space inside the house, decorate it with colors and items that are special and inspire you. Perhaps, you are not a person that specifically needs inspiration, maybe you just need a place to watch the game or read the paper. Whatever your desire, design your personal space exactly as you’d like it to be so that you feel comfortable and happy in your surroundings.

The important thing to remember about creating your personal space is that it can be wherever or whatever you’d like it to be – it is yours and should be personal to you. Use the summer to enhance or create your personal space so that you have a place to relax.