School is Out

It’s August – school has been out for quite some time now, but perhaps you are just starting to ‘feel’ the effects of having your children home all day. Have you been hearing your children say things like ‘I’m bored’, ‘There’s nothing to do’, ‘Can you help me find something to do’? Well, even if you haven’t (maybe your kids refrain from saying things of this nature because they have a packed summer or they fear you will give them some type of chore to do), we have some cool summer ideas that will be fun for the family!

  • Yoga – get some yoga mats and turn your home into your own personal yoga studio.
  • Have a video game tournament.
  • Have bingo or game night.
  • S’mores – light up the grill, put some marshmallows on a stick and let the fun begin!
  • Take the fun outside with cool arts and craft projects. You might want to do something like paint or make tie dye t-shirts!
  • Pitch a tent and have a fun camping night in your own backyard.

These are just a few ideas that you can do during the summer, at home, with your kids! There are plenty of additional activities that are not listed here. Let your imagination (and your child’s imagination) run wild and explore great summer activities that create great memories!