All ‘Decked Out’

It’s July – this means warm weather and lots of outside activities. Your deck is a great place to enjoy the weather, some solitude and your home all at the same time. It’s important to take time to show it some special attention by making sure it remains maintained.

Just like any other place in your home, your deck deserves some attention to make sure that it is well-maintained. Here are some tips on maintaining your deck:

– Make sure the support structure underneath your deck is in good shape. Look for cracked boards and missing hardware that could potentially become a problem. Make sure structural components are providing support and do not move easily. If structural components are loose, they may need to be reinforced.
– Look for signs of rot to detect issues early. Often times, small areas of rot can be removed and treated with wood preservative. For larger issues, there may be a need to replace the structural components. If you feel you have a larger issue of rot with your deck, you may want to consult with a professional for an estimate on needed work/repairs.
– Some experts suggest refinishing your deck on an annual basis to maintain its appearance. This can be done by you or you can have it done by a professional.
– An even simpler way to maintain appearance is to wash your deck. To wash your deck, try using a pressure washer as this can help to remove dirt. When using the pressure washer, make sure to keep it moving so that it does not damage the wood.

Once you’ve confirmed that your deck is in good shape, you are all ready to start enjoying a nice outdoor activity on it. Invite a friend over for tea, fire up the grill, grab a good book and some ice cold lemonade or simply sit down and relax – you deserve it!