Personal Interest – Personal Time

The first day of summer isĀ June 21st! Take this time to do something for yourself, you deserve it! It’s important to take some ‘me time’ as it can help reduce stress and re-focus your energy.

Personal time doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated (after all, the goal is to relax) or extensive. Personal time can be as simple as blocking off a period of time to read or even watch your favorite TV show, without interruption. Usually, personal time is reserved for something that you enjoy doing but rarely get the chance to do.

What is something you’ve wanted to do but haven’t had the opportunity to do it because ‘the kids have practice’, ‘the house needs to be updated’, ‘family will be in town’, ‘I’m just too tired’, or ‘one day I will’? If you’ve used any of these excuses, it’s time to put them to the side. It’s time for you to have personal enjoyment – pamper yourself or do something adventurous! Whatever your choice may be, make it a good one – there’s only one summer of 2015!