BBQ Season

The weather is getting warmer, and warmer weather means it’s just about time to dust off the old BBQ (or buy a new one) and start grilling.

In the colder months, most don’t have the luxury of cooking outside so we spend a lot of time inside. Now that the weather is starting to warm up, you can get ready to put some grill marks on those burgers and dogs! Not only does BBQ-ing taste and smell wonderful, there are also a number of benefits that might encourage you to get the grill out sooner:

  • Though you’ll need propane or charcoal, grilling can save you money on electricity. Instead of using the stove, use your grill to cut back on your electricity bill.
  • In addition to saving money by not turning on the oven/stove, grilling can help to reduce your electricity bill by getting the family out of the house. This in turn reduces the chance that lights, TVs, fans and AC will be used. This is a great season to enjoy the natural resources that the earth provides.
  • Grilling also helps drain the fat from foods! Instead of cooking meats in a pan, use the grill to help burn away fat which can make food healthier.

Since there are some negative aspects associated with grilling, here are a couple of healthy grilling tips:

  • To avoid the release of carcinogens into meats, do not overcook.
  • Try cooking at low temperatures or slow-roasting to avoid carcinogens.
  • Line your grill with aluminum foil in an effort to keep your grill clean.