Earth Day

Earth Day 2015 takes placeApril 22nd.

Cities across the world host different events in observance of Earth Day. To find out more, visit your local cities website for celebration events.

In observance of Earth Day, below are 12 budget-friendly ways to make your home more eco-friendly:
1. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth.
2. Replace your incandescent light bulbs with LEDs or CLFs.
3. Install a low flow toilet or a dual flush toilet. The dual flush toilets allow you to select which flush option (big or small) is needed. This can help significantly reduce the amount of fresh water we ‘flush down the drain’.
4. Only use the dishwasher when there is a full load. Alternatively, hand-wash dishes if you don’t have full loads. If hand-washing, remember to turn off the water while you’re scrubbing to prevent waste.
5. Take showers more often, instead of baths. Showers usually require 3 times less water than baths.
6. Use natural light more often. It’s daylight savings time; make use of the longer days by opening your blinds and curtains to enjoy the natural light instead of turning on lights.
7. Grow plants!
8. Buy recycled toilet paper and napkins.
9. Buy organic bedding. Organic bedding uses fewer chemicals for production.
10. Recycle or unsubscribe to junk mail. In addition, sign up for online bill pay to avoid paper bills.
11. ‘Repurpose’ furniture instead of buying something new. Salvaging/’repurposing’ old furniture can be both a cost-saving and fun activity.
12. Use cloth diapers instead of traditional disposable diapers.