Are You Working Towards Your New Year Resolution?

New Year’s Resolutions have become very cliché. Many argue you should start your goals immediately and not wait until a new year arrives. And yes, there is validity in this – never put off until tomorrow, what you can accomplish today. Though procrastination should be avoided, there is still room for New Year’s Resolutions, as well. So, for those of you that made them – this section is for you.

Stop for a moment and answer this question honestly – Are You Working towards Your Resolution?

Excitement and enthusiasm about the new year often wears off within the first two weeks of January. Since it is already February, it’s a good time to do a personal evaluation to determine if you’re moving forward towards the goals you set or if this year’s resolution will end up being like the others.

Whatever you resolved to do for the new year (whether it be as big as buying a new house or as small as getting a new haircut), use this month to remind yourself to work towards that goal. There was a passion inside of you that made this resolution standout, put effort into making it a reality! Even if it you find it difficult to endure, keep pushing – your future self will thank you!