Valentine’s Day, Already?

Yes, Valentine’s Day 2015 is quickly approaching so mark your calendars (you can thank us for reminding you later). Since February is the month of love (due to Valentine’s Day, of course), the emphasis is usually placed on romance. This year, let’s show a little bit of love for our homes. Our home should provide a place of comfort, happiness and solitude. Just like romantic relationships, our homes can be taken for granted – we often do not appreciate them as much as we should.Let’s show our homes some appreciation by incorporating some of the tips below into your ‘Month of Love’ celebration. Though these suggestions are geared towards showing love towards your home, your significant other might appreciate some of them as well.

1. Pre-Spring Cleaning – though it isn’t spring just yet, let’s take some time to do a bit of extra cleaning to make sure our homes are well-maintained. The more thoroughly we maintain our home throughout the year, the less amount of “deep cleaning” we’ll have to do in the spring.

2. Gear Up for Gardening – Get ready to start that garden you’ve been thinking about. Planning can be an integral part of helping to turn your thoughts into action! Maybe you have seen cute gardens that you’ve been interested in starting, but just haven’t put forth the effort and don’t know where to start. Well, now is the time to start planning and before your know it, spring will be here and your garden will be ready to bloom.

3. Bring Life – If gardening is not really “your thing”, perhaps a better way for you to show your house some love is to buy some live flowers – better yet, a plant! Find a plant you love and add that to your home decor. A plant is a great way to add life to your home and keep it vibrant and thriving. In addition, a plant can act as a representation of the continued attention you show your home throughout the year.

4. Cover Up – Another way to show some special attention to your home is to spice up the decorations. Does your furniture need to be revamped? Add a little bit of life and a lot of color with a slip cover for your couch! Or try a new bedspread!