Your Home – After Holidays


Think of this as your open opportunity to make your home and your use of storage more efficient.

All of your holiday decorations are out and ready to be put back. Any decorations you didn’t use this year? Chances are you won’t use them next year, either. These go in the donation pile.

Planning on buying clothes this year? Yes, you may want to keep a few old T-shirts and jeans forĀ Saturdaysports or painting with the kids. But you don’t need two dozen. Place any old or unworn clothing in a donation pile.

For those of you that have been gathering a collection of hotel shampoos this is the time to organize and get rid of them. Donate these to your neighborhood shelter.


The quickest way to de-clutter your home is to throw everything in a bag! Give garbage bags or boxes to everyone in the family and go room by room. Everything that is unneeded, unwanted or unused goes in the bag for removal from the house. Spaces in your home will start to open up giving you a fresh look for the new year.

Make sure you label the bags or boxes with the items you have so that you can throw away, recycle or donate everything accordingly.


After you have downsized and de-cluttered, you can start organizing. The organization part is the easiest part of this task. You have open space for organization and everything that is left over has a purpose and can be easily placed into a specific location for ease of use and accessibility.