Got the Winter Blues? Put On a Happy Face with Daylighting

Are you suffering from the winter blues? Or, worse, seasonal affective disorder (known as SAD)? If so, try these daylighting tips to perk you up.


Do you get moody when cold weather hits? Feel blue when skies are gray?

Most likely, you’ve got the winter blahs — a normal reaction to being shut inside for weeks at a time when you’d rather be outside digging in the garden and firing up the barbecue.

But for some, the reduced daylight hours of winter are a real problem. The issue is worse right about now — the days around the Winter Solstice, the day with the shortest daylight hours of the year.

Fact is, lots of people suffer from the condition in various degrees. For some, it’s simple moodiness that goes away when a friend comes by for a cup of tea. For others, the sense of gloom is harder to avoid. It’s estimated that 20% of the U.S. population has some form of SAD.

Thankfully, your can help fend off Seasonal Affective Disorder with some basic home improvement projects. Letting in as much daylight as possible is a good way to combat the winter doldrums and get yourself back in the pink.

  • Add a skylight
  • Install solar light tubes
  • Trim plants and trees that block daylight from getting in your windows.
  • Make sure curtains and blinds remain open to daylight.