Your Home – Carpet Cleaning: Hot Water Extraction vs. Dry Cleaning


When it comes to carpet cleaning, most companies would recommend hot water extraction. It’s also known to many as steam cleaning, although in reality it is a broad term that can’t be confined to carpets. At any rate, the steam method is more popular these days because of its “magical” procedure. It’s a quick process. These days, even carpet cleaning has to be instant.

Steam cleaning‘s popularity does not mean the other method is obsolete. The latter is less effective than the former when dealing with extremely dirty carpets, but it still gets the job done if you’re just doing your weekly routine washing.

Steam Cleaning Pros 

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is effective not only in removing dirt from the carpet, but it does a thorough cleaning as well. As it uses water heated to high temperatures, it quickly dissolves or kills microbes in the process. Another advantage of the steam is the fact that it is a lot quicker than dry cleaning methods depending on the equipment used.

Steam Cleaning Cons 

Due to its advantages, hot water extraction is a little pricier than dry. That being said, it’s not really worth it if you’re just trying to clean a certain spot in your carpet. Also, due to its thorough cleaning, some companies may take their time with the procedure. Sometimes there will be multiple stages, such as pre-vacuuming, stretching out the otherwise quick process.

Dry Cleaning Pros 

One advantage of dry washing is that it comes in various forms. There’s the “bonnet” method, where your carpet is subjected to a rotating mop, that picks up the dirt. There’s also one that involves foam, where it is used to pick up the dirt. Finally, there’s the good old shampooing, a process equal to putting your carpet in the washing machine. Since any of the dry methods are cheaper than steam cleaning, you have more options. For instance, you might choose a dry clean option like the bonnet cleaning if you only need stain removed.

Dry Cleaning Cons

While dry cleaning is perfect for smaller tasks, it is not recommended if you are after that thorough washing that hot water extraction provides.

Each method is effective in its own way. It all boils down to what you need. If you’re just after a regular cleaning, there’s no need to go for hot water extraction. For bigger washing tasks, then steam would be better. Another thing to consider is what your carpet is made of, and if there are any allergic people in your home. Take these factors into consideration before hiring a cleaning company.