Your Home – Gorgeous Garden Ideas This Spring

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For many homeowners, the garden is the reflection of their personality and creativity. For this reason, many of them exert unparalleled efforts just to make their gardens appealing to the eyes of visitors. Seeing other people smile at the view of this specific space makes them fulfilled. The compliments they hear are like music to their ears. If you are striving to make your garden beautiful and impressive, here are four gorgeous garden ideas to choose from.

The Edible Garden

Let your own garden be the source of fresh fruits and vegetables you can use to prepare sumptuous dishes for your family and guests. Take inspiration from the Bible’s garden where every plant is capable of producing edible parts for Adam and Eve. For the garden to be of edible theme, make sure that every shrub and tree is fruit-bearing. Plant common kinds of trees like apple, lemon, and plum. Turn your pergola and walls into one that shows how great creeping vines can be. Let grapes or squash climb them. Allot a portion for common vegetables like mustard, tomatoes, and eggplants.

The Suburban Garden

The suburban garden is probably the most common garden that most homes have. This type is usually comprised of an expansive lawn, garden beds, and several annuals and perennials that may include trees, shrubs, or herbs. To have a focus, you can have a feature shrub or tree. The mulberry is a great choice yet a small fountain can also be a good eye-catcher.

The Cottage Garden

Have you ever seen a garden that seems to grow beautifully in its wonderful abandon? This garden has a jolly mixture of bright and vivid colors of ornamental plants like roses, mums, daffodils, and tulips. Birds of paradise and morning glories are also good additions. Flowering trees such as the fire tree provides good shade. Plant a small grass area where you can comfortably have a picnic.

The Courtyard Garden

If your garden has plenty of spaces, then you can probably turn it into a courtyard garden. This theme is based on a private place of peace among plants and flowers. Be like a bee, bird, or a butterfly as you interact with the fresh air brought by the greens and ornaments. The courtyard garden look is commonly achieved by sheltering a specific spot with trees and shrubs as if it is an entirely new world.

Whatever garden style you want for your house, it is important that you always exert effort to maintain its beauty. You should always remember that a well-maintained garden is a factor that can contribute to the home’s curb appeal.


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