Your Home – Make Your Old Kitchen Feel Modern


Hundreds of homeowners throughout the world are struggling with an outdated kitchen. There are a number of ways you can modernize your kitchen without ripping it all out and starting from scratch.

Many homeowners make the decision to gut the kitchen completely and start all over again, but this can be an exceptionally expensive exercise. There is an easier way to make changes. You can start with your flooring and move your way through the space until you have a beautifully designed modern kitchen.

Always start with the flooring; the oldest kitchen can look fresh with new flooring. If you are sitting with a dated kitchen, you probably have drab linoleum flooring which may be tearing and peeling in parts. Go for a solid wooden floor that can create a beautiful start to your modern kitchen feel.

Next take a look at your kitchen cabinets. Your cabinets are a predominant feature in the kitchen and by choosing new and fresh cabinets; you can instantly give your kitchen the modern facelift it deserves.

When trying to make an old kitchen look modern, choose a flat cabinet in a color of your choice. Be sure to carefully select the handles to compliment the cabinet door, adding the finishing touch to your storage space.

Color is essential when modernizing an older kitchen space. Older kitchens always seem to be so dark and dreary. You want to brighten up the space. A lighter and brighter kitchen will feel more spacious and be more welcoming.

Your countertops are probably so dated, maybe even chipped and broken. You’d be amazed the difference new countertops can make to an older kitchen. You can immediately modernize an older kitchen with the right counter tops.

When choosing your countertops keep your cabinets in mind. If you have gone with light cabinets, choose a darker counter top and vice versa. Combining light and dark will add design, texture and finish to your kitchen space.

If you have a larger kitchen space with room for a small dining table and chairs, then choose a modern design that can add to that modern element you are looking to achieve. Fun and bright colors can immediately brighten the space; make it feel modern even if you haven’t updated anything else in the kitchen.

Change as many of your current appliances to energy efficient appliances, you will be so pleased you did. Many of the older appliances don’t even have an energy rating and chances are when you turn on your oven it is draining power. Updating your appliances for new economical ones can not only make a difference to your kitchen design, but to your monthly budget as well.