Personal Interest – 5 Ways to Improve Your Personal Productivity


Disruptions are a part of our everyday life. Email messages, cell phone, social networks, video websites, colleagues that simply want a quick discussion. The list keeps growing. All of these things could certainly impede our performance, our goals, and what we plan to achieve every day. So how can we steer clear of these types of disturbances and best manage our daily routines in order to become more productive?

1. Set a Goals List. This is really our last step of the day before. When people properly plan ahead exactly what they want to accomplish the next day, they are ready and able to start the following day, all set up. What’s good about planning the next day’s agenda ahead of time is that we could rest and sleep on it and let our subconscious mind work on the plan for us, making us much more prepared the following day.

2. Set a Time Limit for Each Task. The majority of us perform best under a deadline. It basically turns it into a game to beat the clock. It even becomes a challenge to reduce the time we take to complete the task, next time we have to perform it. Planning ahead also enables you to see if you’ll need more time for a particular task when adding up the total day’s list of activities.

3. Break Big Tasks into Smaller Jobs. Big projects often appear overwhelming. Completing a sizeable project is always satisfying. On the other hand, it’s quite discouraging if it is uncompleted at the end of the day.

4. Give Yourself a Reward. This works particularly well for the more time-consuming jobs. Whether it’s a simple special cup of coffee or some other satisfying treat, you and your entire body ought to feel as though the hard work has been worthwhile. A little sugar or caffeine treat may not be exactly what the doctor ordered. So perhaps an extra 5 minutes on YouTube may serve as a reward for you.

5. Turn Off the Distractions. It really is just that easy. You don’t need that extra tab in your browser open with Facebook notifications distracting you continuously. Close down your email program until you are ready to read and answer emails at one sitting. Tell work mates that you are going to take the time for them at some other time, as soon as your present tasks are finished.

There are many other ideas you can implement that can help you become more efficient and effective with your time. All you need to do is start taking note of your time wasters, and begin eliminating them. Replace the time wasters with good habits that help you manage your time more efficiently.