Inspiration is the basis of any creative endeavor. When you create a piece of art or poetry, or come up with a new scientific theory, inspiration is at the core of this activity. Often times, inspiration comes from external factors like listening to music, reading a book, or watching a movie.
We are inspired when our internal receptivity connects with another object, whether it is a sound, feeling, thought, or anything that is experienced through our senses. In order to find inspiration, we have to be receptive and have an open mind. It is difficult to ‘a rigid mind, so mental flexibility and relaxation is important if you need to find inspiration and remain hyper creative.

When you actively seek inspiration, you will find it. It’s almost like seeking the truth about life and reality. An artist or photographer derives inspiration from the beauty of a sunset, the contours of a majestic landscape, or the multitude of expressions they can find on someone’s face. A simple angle from which a photographer views their subject can ‘certain creativity. Inspiration itself is a creative process as our mind actively changes a simple object into an inspiration.

Inspiration is also deeply connected to our imagination. Almost anything can trigger our imagination. Our imagination allows us to envision things that do not exist yet, a car or a painting or a type of flower, a new planet with yellow sky or people with red eyes. These visions can become the source of inspiration for a movie or a book. Our imaginations have no limits.

What inspires some people doesn’t ‘others. It is believed by many psychologists that our personal circumstances and preferences, our childhood experiences and our subjective tastes, attitudes, personality will play a role in what we find interesting or inspiring. Our level of knowledge and understanding of a certain aspect of life can also determine the extent to which we are inspired by internal or external objects.

Scientists speak of inspiration coming from a sudden moment of enlightenment. They may work for years on discovering the perfect chemical components of a drug. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, some chemical equation comes to mind. Some of the most brilliant minds have told of having dreams the night before coming up with a musical masterpiece, an innovative invention, or an exquisite piece of art.

The source of inspiration is something unique for all of us. If you want to be inspired, surround yourself with sensory input that gives you the greatest stimulation, whether it’s music, nature, art, poetry, or just plain solitude while watching the sun rise or set.