Personal Interest – New Year’s Resolution

The New Year is coming, and most of us will have some resolutions planned for next year. Whatever we failed to achieve last year usually becomes a goal to achieve again the coming year. What are common New Year’s resolutions in the minds of most of us?
For students, it might be working hard to accomplish high scores in upcoming exams. For business people, it may be reaching higher numbers to offset last year’s loss. For the lazy man, creating a habit of getting up early in the morning may be his New Year’s resolution.

A recent poll on “New Year resolutions” was conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation which is a research company located in Princeton, New Jersey.

The result of the survey in the US showed that only 62 percent of the population even makes a New Year’s resolution. And, as shocking as it may sound, only 8 percent of them are ever successful, leaving the other 92 percent failing to achieve their targets. As people make resolutions every year, 49 percent of them achieve some level of success, and only infrequently. Also, it is sad to realize that a consistent 24 percent are always failures. Though they make goals every year, they never succeed in achieving them.

Let’s check out some more interesting statistics according to demographics, type and length of resolutions. You may be surprised to hear that 39 percent of people who achieve success are in their twenties while only 14 percent are in their fifties and above. Considering the type of resolutions made, 47 percent make resolutions related to education, 38 percent are related to weight issues, 34 percent concern money, and only 31 percent make resolutions related to relationships with their family. The statistical data also shows that 75 percent of people who have made resolutions are able to maintain them during the first week. Afterwards, the whole effort is abandoned.

The top New Year’s resolution is “weight loss”. Since so many people are suffering from obesity and related problems like diabetes, those who are impacted by these issues find it to be the best New Year resolution. Secondly, overcoming the habit of drinking alcohol is also a priority for those who feel their addiction to it. Third on the list of top New Year’s resolutions is exercising. People have become too lazy and neglect physical activity, while at the same time understanding the importance of it. Consequently, it’s another favorite resolutions. Who doesn’t know that smoking is dangerous for our health? Many addicted smokers want to overcome the habit at any cost, making this the fourth top New Year’s resolution.

According to statistics, these were the top four New Year’s resolutions. Other common resolutions making the top ten include “being a good spouse”, “becoming a good parent”, “eating healthy food” and “saving money”.

Making New Year’s resolutions is a very good habit but also requires hard work. Then, and only then, can you achieve success. The statistical data gives us a very good understanding that implementation of a plan is necessary for it to become a reality. The New Year is coming, and most of us will have viable resolutions planned for next year. Whatever might not have been achieved last year will absolutely be made the target for accomplishment next year.