New Years Eve Activities to Do at Home

There are many people who enjoy going out to celebrate New Years Eve. But there are also people who prefer not to go out. They may have children to celebrate with or do not enjoy the crowded events that come with New Years. If you are one of these people, you can still celebrate with New Years activities to do at home. Activities can range from playing games to watching the fireworks. You don’t have to do anything special or different on New Years Eve. All you have to do is have a great time celebrating with the people you care about.

Here are a few New Years Eve activities to do at home. You can do these activities with your family and friends or celebrate alone.

Baking and Cooking. 
Bake some New Years cookies or cupcakes! When you bake your delicious treats, decorate them with frosting, icing, and sprinkles. You can write “Happy New Years” or the new upcoming year on them! You can also cook for yourself and your loved ones. Make some chicken, sandwiches, hotdogs, salad, and more! You can cook and bake whatever you like. If you need refreshments, make some fruit punch for everyone! Buy some New Years plates and cups in advance for serving the food!

Listening To Music. 
Listening to music can be done as you complete most of the other New Years activities. You can listen to what you want, but party songs would be a great choice! The songs can include “Celebration”, “Everybody Dance Now”, “Vogue”, “I Will Survive”, “Dancing Queen”, and many more! There are many to choose from! You can find the songs on CDs and on the internet.

New Years Resolutions. 
Ask everyone to share one of their New Years resolutions. This can range from getting a new job to going back to school. Children can do this as well. Their resolutions can include cleaning their room, eating their vegetables, and doing well in school. Remember not to judge anyone over their resolutions, but to encourage them! If you are celebrating alone or do not wish to share your resolutions, you can simply write them down as a reminder of what you would like to accomplish.

Playing Games. 
Playing games is a great way to celebrate the new year at home! Board games can include Twister, Life, Sorry, Operation, and trivia games. Card games can include Uno, Skip-Bo, Go Fish, Poker, Black Jack, and Crazy Eights. If you plan to play video games on a console such as the Wii, try to pick games that most people can participate in. This can include bowling, tennis, ski-ball, darts, and more! There are a few video games that include party games for everyone to play! If you are celebrating alone, you can still play games and have fun. Play board games such as Perfection, card games such as Solitaire, and a video game of your choosing.

Watching The TV Specials. 
There are a few TV specials that provide entertainment for the New Year, such as Dick Clark’s specials. The specials include celebrities and musicians, as well as the big countdown in New York City. Most people know the big countdown, as a huge ball drops onto a sign with the new year on it. Before the specials begin, you can watch a few favorite television shows or movies, or listen to music.

Watch The Fireworks. 
Will there be any fireworks shows in your hometown this year? You may actually be able to watch them from your own home! Check the areas and locations near by you to see where the closest fireworks show (or shows) will be. If there are not any shows close enough for you to see, some television channels will air them live! You can watch the fireworks right inside of your warm home!

New Years activities to do at home can be just as fun as going out! The only difference is you will not have to deal with the cold or crowds! Invite a few of your loved ones over and make your own party! This way you can celebrate the way you want to! If you have children, allow them to participate in the activities as well. Everyone should celebrate the start of the new year together, regardless of their age! If you celebrate the way you want with the people you want, then you do not have to worry about going out!