Your Home – Alternatives to Red and Green Home Decorating for the Holidays

When decorating your home for the holidays, it is traditional to use the colors of red and green. Whether decorating a tree or throughout your home, most people enjoy seeing the familiar colors that remind them of the holidays of their youth.
But some people want to mix in a new look and often don’t know where to start. Inspiration can be taken from anywhere: nature, your geographical region, icy colors of winter, or even a favorite color.

Here are some interior design ideas that are a refreshing twist on traditional home decorating for the holidays:

– If you live near the ocean, you could bring the sea indoors. Use green garland and add clamshells, coral, and starfish to add a beach-inspired feel. You can use shells, coral, and mini starfish to decorate a classic tree or mini trees throughout your home. This color palette will be green, with icy whites and blues. Blue is a contemporary holiday color that serves two purposes in this decorating scheme: to celebrate winter and the ocean.
– Icy colors, such as white, grey, silver, and gold, can really highlight the festive mood of the holidays. By keeping the color palette simple and clean, you can create a beautiful snowy look that is magical and fun. Use metallic ornaments, snowflakes, and crystals to decorate your tree and garland.
– When decorating for the holidays, don’t forget that sometimes less can be more. It can be refreshing to edit your collection of keepsake ornaments, figurines, trees, and more to create a new theme that will be coherent without being overwhelming. You can start with the decorations you already own, and then supplement the theme with a few key purchases to complete the theme that you have chosen for the year. A new way of decorating can be a refreshing way to end the year and look forward into the coming New Year.

If you are looking for an alternative to the classic red and green holiday home decorating, then open your eyes to the inspiration that is all around you. You may find that you have a far more beautiful holiday home when you think outside of the box.