Your Home – Kids and Phones 101

The most common step after putting the kids into school is to give them a phone. Kids and phones are a very dangerous mix, both for you and the kids themselves. As we grow older, most of us use our phones more for entertainment than communication. The reason for this is because most of us leave work at work and our friends we grew up with tend to leave the city we live in. For kids and phones, these habits don’t apply, so you have to take precautions. Not only will their first cell phone be a safeguard but it will also be a learning experience. Here are some steps you can take that will ensure there are no additional problems with your children having cell phones.
The Type of Phone

Today, phones are computers with tiny screens. Each phone varies on speed, connectivity, and limitations. The best type of phone that you can buy for your children are prepaid phones. All of these phones are not only cheaper but they limit the amount of time kids and phones interact with each other.

The Phone’s Parental Features

Many phones have the ability to set parental parameters including a password. These programs have various features and most of them have a time limit of usage. However, they will usually not control the amount of minutes, data, or messages that come in and go out. If you have a Smart Phone then there are downloadable apps that cannot be removed that will do tasks that are more complex such as restrict talk time and messaging amounts.

The Default Lock

While older phones do not have this, a Smart Phone normally has a default screen lock. Taking the phone away and resetting the password will ensure that the phone is not used until you allow it. This is also useful for when children are being punished but you still want them to have the phone for emergency purposes. Most default locks have a special button on the screen that is a direct line to 9-1-1.

Locking Programs

Depending on the phone you buy, some of them will allow you to lock your children out of specific programs. Each cell phone service has at least one type of phone that can do this. These types of phones are important because they can block your children from making permanent changes to a phone like “rooting” it.

Browser Features

As kids get older they become more curious, which is why you might need to set a parental lock on their phone’s browser. Normally the only phones that you have to worry about them getting into anything too troublesome are the Smart Phones because older phones simply won’t be able to load that type of content.

Kids and phones are a mixture of technology mingling that you’ll eventually have to get used to. Many parents do not have to worry until their child is into their late teens but there are some parents that have given their phones to the younger generation. While it’s wonderful to let kids learn responsibility and enjoy the freedom of having a phone, using these features will ensure your child’s integrity and will also keep your monthly bill low.