Personal Interest – Going Back to School

Going back to school is always a challenge for both children and parents. Parents do focus on stuff that’s needed by their kids for school and tend to forget about their children’s mental preparedness. So, for your delight here are some tips to help your children be physically and mentally prepared for school:
1. Bedtime. During summer vacation, kids most likely wanted to sleep a lot and some might not want to wake up early in the morning. As a result, waking up early will be a problem for them once school season starts. You parents can teach or guide your children to get into regular sleeping mode for at least two weeks before going to school. Doing this will help your children adjust their body clocks.

2. Eating Schedules. With a free eating schedule, your kids would just eat whenever they are hungry, but in school this will all change. They will only have a given period of time to eat in which their appetite might not be used to. As a solution, parents could practice a regular eating schedule for their kids and stop them from eating junk food in between meals.

3. Study time. It might be hard for you as a parent to regulate or enforce it to your kids but it will surely be worth it; or it will definitely be worth it. Allotting at least 2 hours of study time after school will allow them to cope up with their lessons and be prepared for the next day. On the other hand, a curfew would be a great help to their health and will also help them be well rested for the next day.

4. Talk. When parents are asking their kids about school they usually say “How was your day in school?” Parents never get the answers that they want by using this question and at the same time; your children might also get irritated by that kind of question especially when it relates to school. So instead try this method and be more specific in your questions, like “How was math? What is the great thing in school?” this will surely give you more responses.

5. Partnership of parents and teachers. There will be times that you or even your kids will dislike the teacher. A good relationship and communication with the teacher will solve that. A positive parent-teacher relationship helps your child feel good about school and be successful in school, and it also shows your child that he can trust their teacher, because you do. This positive relationship makes a child feel like the important people in their life are working together. Remember, in school the teachers are second parents of your children.

6. Confidence. Build up your child’s confidence because this will be essential for their performance in school as well as in their social life. Helping them to be responsive like a simple high-five or flash card activities are good techniques in achieving this. Remember to put a wall of fame for their achievements to let them know that they can do their best; it will also boost their confidence too. Also, giving them responsibilities could also help make them feel that you could trust them and they are growing.

Remember going back to school does not only affect the lives of your children but also you as parents. So, have yourself mentally and physically ready for your children to go back to school.