Personal Interest – Travelling is Great for You

In past centuries, it was common for individuals with illnesses to have travelling recommended to them as a means of returning to good health. In Victorian London, where the air was dirty and smoggy, it was common for doctors to send ill patients off for vacations in the country as a treatment for many diagnoses. This was beneficial because these citizens were able to escape the poor air, which helped improve their health.
These days the stresses of our day-to-day lives can be very exhausting. Seasonal allergies combine with insomnia, worry, and the boredom of one’s daily routine keep us in a state of exhaustion and slight depression for much of our lives. This issue can become even more prevalent in the winter when we are often cooped up indoors for inordinate amounts of time. Sometimes we just need to break out and get away. Travelling is the perfect option to do that. Not only will you reawaken to the joys that life has to offer, but you will also be reminded of the joys that are present in your everyday life.

Take a vacation for a week or two to escape the stress of your daily life. This change in routine will provide relief and you will be fully refreshed by the time you return home. Some time away from work can remind you why you chose that line of work back when you first took the job. All of a sudden, you will be returning to the office with some of that excitement and spark that you brought during your first weeks of employment. The change in climate and surroundings can help relieve you from your allergies and getting away from the hustle of the house can cure insomnia. In one short trip, your health can be revitalized.

There is a chance, however, that what you need is not a break, but an adventure. Maybe you are just bored and need a bit more than just a change in scenery. Travel to a bustling city and enjoy the nightlife, or go out into the mountains or a desert area for an adventure. Revitalize your body with a change of scenery and change of lifestyle. Try out some new things, who knows, maybe you will find a new fitness activity that you can continue when you get back home. Every person’s body needs a chance to for a little escape and experience some adventure if it is going to function healthy.