Your Home – Enlarge Your Living Space – 5 Optical Illusions Tips

I am quite sure everyone wants a big and nice house with a lot of space. However we often need to live in smaller areas. This is not a big problem, as we have prepared for you some great optical illusion tips to help you make your home brighter and more spacious.

Avoid the dark colors

The secret of the comfortable and spacious interior is to use a reasonable quantity of dark colors. For example, if you choose the furnishing of the room to be in dark colors, then the walls should definitely be bright colored – this solution will make the different elements contrast and it will help you to make the room more spacious.

Use accents in the rooms

The focus can be created by using colors – you may paint one wall in a different color, or you can put color wallpaper, and paint stripes on. If you choose floral wallpaper, its elements should necessarily be large; the same applies to ordinary wallpaper – repeating the pattern of big ornaments creates a sense of space. Horizontal stripes always make the room look wider and vertical stripes make it longer.

Avoid using contrasting colors

When you enter a room, your eyes move slowly from the floor, then they shift to the walls and finally they reach the ceiling. If the floor, walls and ceiling are similarly colored your eyes will move smoothly along the line and the space will seem larger. If all three elements are in contrasting colors, the eye will distinguish them and space automatically becomes less spacious.

Use the vertical space

When we live in a small house, it is common to feel like there is no room for any more items. Think again – the walls in most cases remain empty except for some paintings or frames. You have the option to put various shelves to store some of the items and to make more space in the room. This will open up the room and make it more vibrant.

Avoid the heavy curtains

Some large halls and living rooms usually have heavy curtains descending from the ceiling to the floor, creating a flow throughout the room. In small rooms however it is better to avoid heavy curtains as they are hard to clean and will make the space look darker and smaller.