Your Home – Summer Break Ideas

Now that the summer break is here (or almost here), we need to think about how to entertain our kids. There are many activities parents can plan for their kids during the summer and here are some of them.
There are many “drop-off and pick-them-up” activities that parents can get their child involved in, like karate or dance school. Some colleges have activities for kids during the summer as well. The best way to find activities is to look in the local newspaper or in the phone book. The internet has a great deal of information for things to do with children during the summer. It is great to keep the kids’ brain working during the summer break. The earlier you start the better. Some places take reservations very early and some programs will fill early, too. Start your planning today.

On weekdays kids could go to camp. A lot of people are getting out of the tradition of sending the kids away for the whole summer to a secluded forest with a bunch of teenagers and a couple of adults. There are now camps that have a meeting place where you can drop the kids off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. The camp will drive a bus to the site every day so the kids still have a camp-like experience but not the whole “spend-the-night” thing. They will still get to do activities like swimming, hiking, sports, and arts and crafts.

Taking a couple of weeks to go on vacation is a great way to get a break from it all. A lot of places have packages for early booking and the longer the stay, the better the deal. There are also good deals as more people come. Some hotels will give a discount if more than one room is booked. Amusement parks will give discounts to families and some offer deals for kids or senior citizens if the grandparents come along. If a person cannot travel for two weeks straight, then there is always traveling on weekends. The family can pack up the car to leave on a two hour drive on Friday and come back on Saturday. It could be a camping trip or going to the next town to shop and sightsee.

Whatever you plan for this summer, make sure that your kids will get a balanced vacation with a mixture of relaxation, physical and brain activity.