Your Home – Children and their Gadgets

Children nowadays have developed a type of dependence with the latest gadgets that have successfully conquered a majority of their attention around the world. Young and old, no one is exempt from this form of addiction.

Gone were the days when we see kids playing baseball or soccer in the streets, running, laughing, and feeling the wind on their faces. Indeed, they still play the same games, but not on the streets anymore. They play these games inside their houses. Whether via Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Wii, and all other types of game consoles, they already offer the same games we have played before.

Set Limits

This particular rule depends on the age bracket of your kid. If he or she is still young at about six to twelve years old, you can be stricter and more authoritative over your child’s gadget usage. Set some rules like, no one can use any electronic gadget after dinner, no one can use any electronic gadget unless all the assignments and projects for school are all done, no one can use any electronic gadget after ten in the evening, and other rules that you think will help. However, once the rules are implemented you should also follow them. You must practice what you preach, so your kids will have an impression that you really are serious.

Set Punishments

It may sound a little harsh, but this is one way of motivating your child to strictly comply with the rules that were set in order to manage their addiction to electronic gadgets. Punishments need not be overly cruel like having him or her grounded from using gadgets for a week or two, just keep them plain and simple like making them do the dishes for the night, or reducing the time they use the gadgets.

Introduce new activities

Enroll them in a cooking class, or swimming class, introduce a new musical instrument, take him or her to a live basketball game, any activity that does not include an electronic gadget is good. By doing this, you are actually hitting two birds with one stone, you are steering away your child’s attention from electronic gadgets and at the same time they are learning something new from the experience.

Technology is a double-edged sword, it can help you in a million ways, but it can also harm you in a gazillion ways.