TRUE meaning of Christmas!

There is so much focus on all the bad people and things that occur in the world today that we tend to get “hardened” and forget that if we take a moment to look around you will find there is still so much good in the world. Yesterday my family went down to “China Town” in Salinas, our home town.  China Town is where all the homeless people live.  My daughter a beautiful soul serves the homeless on Skid Row in LA every week and while home for Christmas she said she would like us to do something for the homeless here.  So, we took 100 bagged lunches that included a scripture, bags of toiletries, clothing and holiday candy.

We arrived to setup our table and it was pouring rain, we had no canopy or tarp but we weren’t going to let that stop us.  We had two trucks full of stuff and began to unload and get organized.  Within a few moments a lady walks up to us and said “Hi, what group are you with?” I replied we aren’t with a group we are just a family (my daughter, son, husband & myself) who came out to try to spread a little Christmas cheer.  The lady hugged me and said “God bless you, we are just a family trying to do the same, come and join us.  Fortunately, they had an easy up so we put our tables together and made an assembly line.  We started handing out food, water, clothing, tarps for shelter, scarves, beanies & gloves and hot chocolate which was wonderful as it was so wet and cold out.  About an hour in another family came out with the same idea. WOW it was so wonderful to see that just random everyday people all had the same generous and caring thoughts.  All and all we served about 300 lunches and provided many other items to try to make life just a little easier for the homeless.

When we got home 4 hours later we were completely soaked, frozen to the bone and yet felt so warm and fulfilled.  Met wonderful people, spent precious time with my loved ones, helped as many as we could and got the reminder we all so need on how BLESSED we truly are.

I would like to thank my beautiful daughter Courtney for her kind, caring, loving and generous heart and for including us in being able to take part in such an amazing day.  Courtney, you reminded us all of the TRUE meaning of Christmas……GIVING.